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AjustoTM is the first fully mobile insurance telematics program in Canada – no device to plug in your car! With the free Ajusto app learn more about your driving habits, get rewarded based on how you drive and improve road safety… all in the palm of your hand. With the new Ajusto app learn more about your driving habits, get rewarded and improve road safety.



If I don’t improve my driving, will I get penalized on my premiums?

How it works

1 . Download


Download the AJUSTO app from the App store or from Google Play

Get the FREE, no obligation app! Now available on Apple Watch.

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How it works

2 . Drive

The Ajusto program rates your driving using four criteria.

Your driving smoothness


Cut down on fast acceleration, last-minute braking and hard cornering and watch your score go up!

Your speed


Ease up on the gas! Stick to the speed limit and lower your accident risk. You'll also make our roads a lot safer.

The time of day


Nighttime driving is riskier than daytime driving, that's no surprise. Try to avoid driving during high-risk periods.

Distance Travelled


The shorter the distance you drive, the less likely you are to have an accident.

How it works

3 . Discover

Your score


You can only save with Ajusto. You'll never be penalized and your premiums will never go up based on your driving score.

Discover all the benefits of the Ajusto app. Not only will you have fun analyzing your trips, adjusting your driving and watching your driving score go up, you’ll look forward to saving on your insurance at renewal – up to 25%!

Why Ajusto?

Be a better driver

Get street-by-street feedback on each trip.

Visualize and analyze your driving with the handy map feature. With the Ajusto app, improved driving is at your fingertips.

Why Ajusto?

Better Savings

Drive safe, boost your savings – up to 25%!

At renewal, your calculated score will be converted into savings. For example, a score of 80 equals a 14% savings.

Why Ajusto?

Challenge your Friends

Nothing like a little friendly competition.

Challenge your friends to raise your safety scores. Everybody wins, because you will all be driving more safely and saving on your car insurance.

Why Ajusto?

Safer Roads For All

The better we all drive, the safer the roads.

The Ajusto app gives you the feedback you need to improve your driving. The more people there are who want to drive safely, the safer we’ll all be and the more we’ll all save!

Ajusto is for me

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"The cost of my insurance is important to me, and so are my coverage options." Bruce Hamilton The Optimizer Select
"I drive safely. Don’t I deserve a break on my insurance?" Marie Paquin Ms. Safety First Select
"Cool technology that shows me my driving skills? I’m in." Kevin Keegan The Appster Select
"I’ve already got insurance. Why do I need Ajusto?" Georges Leclerc Mr. Close-To-Perfection Select

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You don't need to be a Desjardins Insurance customer to take the Ajusto app for a free test drive!
All you need is a smartphone with a data plan.

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